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A puncture can render tires less effective and more of a danger to you and your passengers. Since driving on flat tires is very dangerous, it is advised that you should only drive on them in extreme situations, for instance when you need to get to safety from a busy highway.

Always remember that the longer you drive on a flat tire, the lesser the chances of your car tire being repaired. Once you ride on a flat tire for too long, it can result in permanent damage to the tire. While the tire deflates, the wheel comes into closer contact with the ground, thus destroying the rim. Since tire repair is time sensitive, the sooner you bring a less damaged tire in for repair, the higher the chances of repairing your car tire.

Why choose us for flat repairs?

Our service technicians are well trained to fix a tire based on the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association. Once you choose our flat tire service you are guaranteed of:

  • Same day appointments
  • Convenient and reliable services
  • We service all makes and models
  • certified technicians
  • Affordable repair services

For a punctured tire, our professional staff will patch, plug, or seal the destroyed part. Our tire repair service specialists can also help in repairing you tire if it is losing air as a result of a damaged valve stem or if the tire is not firmly fixed to the wheel’s rim. Repairing your tire assist in keeping you safe on the road and can ultimately save you money and time.

We proudly service the Tire Repair needs of our esteemed clients in Tampa and surrounding areas. Proper tire repair is crucial, and any puncture or damage to a tire will significantly affect its performance. If you have any queries concerning your tire’s state, we’ll be more than glad to inspect them for you. Don’t be left stranded with a flat tire. Call Tampa Towing for roadside assistance to repair your flat tire today.

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